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Indian River Park- Ipswich

This 90-acre urban-forest park is uniquely divided by Military Highway with parcels on both sides and is located between Paramont and Rokeby Avenues. It stretches south from Providence Road to the Virginia Beach city line. The park consists of large mature hardwood and pines and a small creek winds the entire length of the property. This park has space for a get-away when you don't have the time to get away!

This park is shared between BMX and mountain bikes. There are lots of technical challenges like narrow bridges, jumps, logs, & titer toters. Although its a small park there are many different paths to take and you won't get tired of it because it's always evolving.

It's a great place to squeeze in a morning or afternoon ride. Well maintained by Eastern Virginia MTB Association, it's a dense network of trails with the intermittent trail feature. Add to that a high quality freeride/BMX section and you've got yourself a nice little playground.

The route displayed on this trail is more or less arbitrary. This trail basically just outlines the perimeter of the park for a rough idea of the size. However, there is easily 6-8+ miles of trails branching this way and that, with the riding possibilities being near endless.

East of Suffolk and south of Norfolk, this is pretty much the spot. The terrain doesn't offer much, but it does about as much as possible given the circumstances. Look out for hikers, dogs, BMXers and people just playing around in the woods. Most of all have fun and stay safe.

SE Side Park Amenities: