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Three Bridge Beach Tour

Here's a little route we've concocted ourselves, for when you're looking to get 20-30 miles achieved in-town, including a couple of small climbs. The route shows as starting from the shop, but go ahead and pick your own starting location and modify! When looking at the map, you can see there are plenty of other route options and roads to check out, but we focused on the typically less car-trafficked and most scenic path. In this trip you'll get a fun 27 mile ride, taking you down Shore Drive, through First Landing State Park, along the oceanfront boardwalk, and over the Lesner Bridge, the Great Neck Road Bridges, and the Rudee Inlet Bridge. A head start earlier in the morning provides less cars on the road, and more time for swim breaks, stopping for a snack or beverage at a local spot, and scenic views. Great for any time of the year too!