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Holiday Bike Storage, Assembling Bikes Bought Online & Bike Sales!

Holiday Bike Storage, Assembling Bikes Bought Online & Bike Sales!

Looking to buy a bike as a gift but have nowhere to hide it? Bought a bike elsewhere but need it assembled? Looking for bikes on sale? Read on!

We've got a few quick things to discuss with you- applicable topics year round, but definitely important bits to know for the holiday season-


'Tis the season for gifting a bike! The thing is though, they're not that easy hide in the house, right? Luckily enough, we offer free bike storage for the holiday season. Purchase the bike, and we store it for you. It helps us out if you give us a heads up a day or so before picking up so we can make sure to have it ready ASAP for you- just be sure to get in the day before Christmas by 2pm- we close up early that day. We will be at the shop until 2pm Christmas Eve and then we're gone to enjoy our holiday festivities!


Happen to have purchased a bike online and looking to save the headache of assembling the bike yourself? We've got you covered. Give us a ring to get the rate specific to your bike and we'll build the bike for you with a fast turnaround time. 


And the most exciting news- we've got some stellar sales happening on bikes from now until the end of December. Pop into the shop or give us a call to see the great deals on cruisers, mountain bikes, hybrids and fat tire bikes. 


Talk to ya soon- Freewheelin' Bike Shop